Successor Gottschalk in Wetten Dass?

For months now in Germany ZDF is looking for a successor to present Tv-show Wetten dass (ZDF). In February 2011 Thomas Gottschalk said he will end his career as host of the show. At first sight three names were mentioned: Jörg Pilawa, Hape Kerkeling and Stefan Raab.
Gottschalk’s style as show master is friendly, sympathetic and not too clammy. In spite he talks with international famous guests – is an international celebrity himself – and he has a modesty which does him credit.  
Which style do the nominated presenters have? 
  • Jörg Pilawa is the ‘decent’ type, a well-behaved and sympathetic showmaster (e.g. family show Frag doch mal die Maus and quiz show Das Quiz). Cons: Pilawa is a somewhat dull person
  • Hape Kerkeling is the ‘naughty’ type, a humoristic and pleasant comedian (e.g. retro show Die 70er Show and satirical show Hape trifft). Cons: 10 years ago Kerkeling refused to become the new Wetten Dass presenter
  • Stefan Raab is the ‘daring’ type, a trendy and challenging songfestival lover (e.g. challenge shows Schlag den Raab en TV-Total Stock car racing). Cons: sometimes Raab ‘flies in all directions’.
In the meanwhile Hape Kerkeling said he can imagine to host Wetten Dass coming years, but Jörg Pilawa don’t, he said in tv-guide Hörzu. In October 2011 the Berliner Post mentioned two other names. Both comedians and hosts with a lot of experience: Anke Engelkens and Barbara Schöneberger. But the question is if a female host will match well with co-host Michelle Hunziker. 
In our opinion two presenters haven’t nominated, but could match the show too: Johannes B. Kerner (ZDF) and Günther Jauch (RTL). Both are very experienced as host of talkshows with international guests and both have a friendly twist in their presentation style.
Or maybe it’s better to stop Wetten Dass at the top of its success? The popularity will decrease because there simply isn’t ‘a second Gottschalk’. Are they looking for a host in the same style Wetten Dass was last years or will they try another tack?
ZDF said Wetten Dass will be continued, that’s for sure. And the definitive choice for the new host will be revealed in Thomas Gottschalk’s last show at December 3. We will watch and see!

Agnes Dijker 

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