New tv sponsor concept

Recently I read the American brand Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (A&F) offered Jersey Shore participant Michael Sorrentino – an MTV reality programme – money NOT to wear the A&F shirts anymore. In the program Michael Sorrentino has a party animal-like image and is regularly involved in fights on TV. A&F argues that this does not fit the image of the brand. Some marketers will think ‘it should not get any crazier’, but actually it brings up ideas for a new marketing strategy.

If I would work at a production company, I know what to do. Produce the most vulgar programme ever made and make sure that the reality cast wear the most exclusive brands they can imagine. Air the programme as many times as possible and the money flows in. A win-win situation, the advertisers in turmoil and the program gets free publicity. The TV producer is no longer spending time on fundraising and revenues come in automatically, so fundraisers can be fired. A new marketing strategy is born and my hands itch to implement it.
Charles Vaneker
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