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What are KlapperCom TrendReports?
KlapperCom TrendsReports are based on a variety of data sources.
First, they are based on our TV monitor database containing information on TV formats
(title, host, genre, time slot, channel and a short synopsis) from several key media markets. Second, KlapperCom TrendReports use desk research and leading sources of news, marketing insights, and trends to help our consultants compile reports based on clients’ specific research questions.

KlapperCom TrendReports tap into new trends and developments affecting citizen and consumer behaviour in the next 2-3 years. The most remarkable trends and developments are translated into themes, ideas and starting points for new (online) media formats.
KlapperCom TV TrendReports explore the trends in television and online formats in the key media markets, illustrated with video footage. An audiovisual TV format archive is available.

Examples of KlapperCom TrendReports topics:
• Through which platforms can consumers be reached by means of branded content?
• What are the pros and cons of getting into branded content/native advertising?
• What are the most promising brands, branded channels, content and formats?
• What are the most successful Multi Channel Networks, streaming platforms and television networks using branded content?

Who uses KlapperCom TrendReports?
Organizations and individuals who use TrendReports are:
• Producers of television and online formats
• Retailers and brands
• Sponsor agencies of programmes
• Media investors
• Non-profit organisations.

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