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Klapper Communications
Klapper Communications B.V. is a Dutch research and consultancy company founded in 1995. Our clients include broadcasters, TV production companies, producers of online video platforms, retailers and advertisers.
Klapper Communications supports your company with business analytics by using data and models to improve decision making, such as by developing various research methods aimed at forecasting viewing behaviour by using social media content data. We also support companies in creating benchmark data by aggregating a wide variety of data from CRM systems.

Klapper Communications also tracks media and TV formats and social trends. Our consultants regularly compile KlapperCom TV-TrendReports, which can be helpful in developing new media formats or a (content) marketing strategy. In fact, our organization is itself a trendsetter in regard to developing new research methods.

Market Research
In recent years, Klapper Communications has introduced several tools to measure the impact of TV and radio formats, branded content and commercials. Klapper Communications was the first research company (1996) to launch a real time tool – the Tv&radioImpactMeter (TIM-Studio™) – to measure the impact of TV formats and TV and radio commercials in a studio setting. In recent years, we have witnessed tremendous growth of online videos. In 2003, we launched an online version of the tool – the Tv&radioImpactMeter Online (TIM-Online™) – in co-operation with ActiveReaction. This tool was further developed in 2008, and additional features were created to measure the impact of branded content, sponsoring and product placement (TIM-PPL™). Recently (2015) the application was adapted to all popular platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) and devices (tablets and smartphones) with ReelRater™. ReelRater™ is a new cross-platform research tool to measure a wide range of (online) video and audio content.

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