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What is TIM-Studio™?
Klapper Communications offers foreign clients the possibility of testing their locally produced formats with TIM-Studio™ (Tv&radioImpactMeter) in a focus group setting on the Dutch or Belgian market.
The research is carried out with a selected group of respondents. The panel evaluates your content moment-by-moment by using a joystick. The data are used as input for the focus group discussion. The method is a mixed approach combining quantitative and qualitative research methods to answer your questions.

TIM-Studio™ what is it used for?
• Pre-testing video content
• Monitoring TV & radio programmes
• Screenings of anchors, hosts, experts, candidates, etc.
• Evaluation tool for TV & radio producers
• A live voting tool during live broadcasting.

TIM-Studio™ Research
TIM-Studio™ research gains insights into the shared understanding and evaluation of your audiovisual content and shows how the format appeals to the local audience. It also provides insights into how the format can be tailored to a local audience. We have video conferencing capabilities at our disposal (combined with live translation) for a live two-way interaction with the respondents and focus group moderator. The research supports the sales of your programming formats.

Who uses TIM-Studio™?
• TV & radio producers
• TV & radio broadcasters and channels
• Advertisers and retailers
• Media agencies
• Format developers
• Film & documentary producers.

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