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What is ReelRater™?
The ReelRater™ tool enables you to let users rate any AV content, such as how-to, instructional videos on YouTube, trailers, commercials, and TV and radio formats.
• ReelRater™ is a cost-efficient tool that runs on all platforms, such as tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs.
• ReelRater™ is not an app, but it runs in any standard browser. Placing a link on your website or social media platform is sufficient to enable communities or access panels to rate your content. Users do not need to install software.
• ReelRater™ provides you with quantitative and qualitative input data for your reports.

ReelRater™ what is it used for?
• Pretesting (audio)visual content among a large audience
• Screen tests
• Improving radio and television content, promos, commercials, etc.
• Providing instant insight on the likeability of content
• A live voting tool during broadcasts
• Providing benchmark research.

ReelRater™ research tool
Research is conducted among a representative sample of viewers/listeners with access to the Internet, websites or social media communities. These respondents are exposed to online content on their tablet, mobile phone, computer, or laptop and provide continuous feedback on the content. The user-friendly software collects all data in real time and offers clients in-depth information on the likeability of content, channel preferences, lifestyle, demographic characteristics, etc. Reports are available shortly after the completion of the research.
ReelRater™ uses an Internet access panel. Access panels are available for different territories (e.g., the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Belgium).

Who uses ReelRater™?
Anyone can use ReelRater™, but especially:
• MCNs and YouTubers
• Producers of commercials, online video’s and branded channels
• Brands who want to reach their target group of consumers with video content
• Tv channels, radio channels and producers of formats.

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