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What does KlapperCom have to offer in terms of content marketing?
Klapper Communications is a full-service content marketing and research agency.
We can help you set up a YouTube or branded channel and maintain, optimize and produce the content of your channel(s).

The service is designed to:
• Develop your content marketing and positioning strategy
• Define clear objectives
• Build your brand personality
• Guarantee the quality of editorial office and content
• Warrant continuity of content production
• Measure the effectiveness of your channel
• Offer channel manager training.

We also measure the likeability of your (branded) YouTube channel and the likeability of your content with ReelRater™. However, we can also assist you with any of the content marketing strategies mentioned above.

Who can use KlapperCom content marketing?
• TV channels (regional and local)
• Retailers and brands
• Non-profit organizations
• Branded content agencies/producers
• Sponsor agencies of TV and radio programmes.

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